Personal Trainers! Tips for Taking Headshots

A hot potential customer is thinking whether to contact you or your competitor for personal training services. He hasn’t met either of you, so to help make the decision, he logs on to your respective websites. Your services and credentials are similar, but, alas, the prospect calls your competitor. The deal breaker? It was that […]

Preparation and Clothing for Headshots


Soon after you have booked your headshot session, the question that will come up is “What clothing should I bring?” When considering clothing options, you’ll want to consider clothing that fits well and is not baggy. You’ll want to avoid bright patterns. Clothing that does not fit will may make you appear boxy. Dark colors […]

My Headshot Story

I never really shared this story, aside from a few friends. But this event really had a major impact on how I view my headshot sessions, why I take a personal interest in my headshot photoshoots being satisfactory and why I empathize my clients. The year was 2005-ish. I am working down in SoHo as […]

The Difference between a Portrait and Headshot

What is the difference between a Portrait and a Headshot? This is a common question from photography clients. In communicating with clients, it is important both parties are using the same language and the meaning of the words are the same. Firstly, all headshots are portraits. However, a headshot is not necessarily a portrait. — […]